Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Is Social Media a Fad or the Biggest Shift Since the Industrial Revolution?

Is social media a fad or the biggest shift since the revolution? In my opinion I think it is the biggest shift since the industrial revolution. Social media has been around for more than a few years now on the internet and has only continued to grow. Yes, many social media sites do lose popularity and become obsolete, such as, but I believe that is because they were not catering to what the average social media user wanted. Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Twitter give the user what they want. It allows people to stay connected constantly and from everywhere on their mobile phones. People in this day and age are constantly on the go and want to be able to access all of these sites while they are mobile.
Social media has taken over in pretty much every aspect of our lives. Businesses are now using LinkedIn to find candidates for jobs, people are using sites like Facebook to find potential dates, Twitter can update you on the news, weather and even sales that retail stores are having. With the use of these social media sites, we have seen a shift in the way people communicate. With the use of blogs, now everyone has a voice, everyone has the ability to get their thoughts and beliefs onto the internet for anyone to read from anywhere in the world, you no longer need to have money to get your opinion out there.
Social media is a phenomenon that has and will continue to grow whether people like it or not. It has become a daily part of everyone’s lives. 34% of American women check their Facebook before they brush their teeth in the morning and over 40% are self-confessed Facebook addicts.
Whether you believe social media to be a dynamic tool for communication, or think it has taken the personal aspect out of communicating with others, it is here to stay. 


  1. I surely agree with this posting. Social media has indeed taken over the world and it is definitely here to stay.Facebook is one of the leading social media site and it is continuing to grow over the past years. Alot of businesses indeed uses social media to promote their business know that majority of the public is always on social media sites.From my experience social media has played a big role in my life.It has kept me in contact with families that I haven't seen in such long time and also friends whom I have lost contact with.So my opinion stands as it is social media is the best thing that came about and is continuing to be the leading source in which people stay in contact.

    1. I agree with you too. When you say that social media websites like MySpace were a fad that is because they were replaced by similar but improved sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. And because things like Facebook and Twitter are available on our phones and so convenient it becomes a good marketing tool for phone companies. And to add onto your statistics:the industry is increasing 83% year over year, 1/4 people over the age 65 use at least one or more social media website on a regular basis(and lets not forget these people weren't even raised around computers and the internet like we have been), and apparently social media has surpassed pornography as the number one activity on the internet.